Faith Farm Ministries Receives $32,000 Grant from Health Foundation

HFSF_logoFaith Farm Ministries Receives $32,000 Grant from Health Foundation for Food Service Program at Rescue Mission in Fort Lauderdale Boynton Beach, FL-

March 10, 2016–Faith Farm Ministries received a $ 32,000 grant from Health Foundation of South Florida that will go toward upgrading commercial kitchen equipment, increasing food service capacity and providing healthier menu options at the Ministries’ Fort Lauderdale Campus.

According to Faith Farm Ministries’ Executive Director, Dean O. Webb, “This grant, ‘Food Service Improvement for a Model Rescue Mission,’ advances our ability to help those who are working to rebuild their lives from the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol.” He added, “The funding also enhances our vocational school’s ‘Food Service’ track for students entering the food service industry upon graduation. The new equipment maintains our eligibility to receive food stamps on behalf of program recipients as a certified State of Florida Department of Children and Families approved location, and enables menus to be produced with an emphasis on nutrition as the grant provides for a nutritionist to be contracted.”

Providing healthy meals increases morale of students at the campus. For students going through their nine month regeneration program, meals are a source of morale since they are on a strict schedule with limited privileges. Having nutritious, appealing food selections are critical during the addiction recovery process since students often substitute food for drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. For more information, please call 561.737.2259 or visit the following website: Faith Farm

About Farm Faith Ministries: Faith Farm Ministries is a free, minimum 9 month, faith-based, drug and alcohol addiction recovery program with residential services for more than 445 men and women who struggle with these life controlling issues. Although geographically located in three South Florida campuses, students from 47 states have come to Faith Farm from all the country. For more information, please call 561.737.2259 or visit the following website: Faith Farm
About Health Foundation of South Florida: Health Foundation of South Florida, a nonprofit grant making organization, is dedicated to improving health in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. By funding providers and supporting programs to promote health and prevent disease, the Foundation makes a measurable and sustainable impact in the health of individuals and families. Since 1993, the Foundation has awarded more than $113 million in grants and program support. For more information, please call 305.374.7200 or visit the website, Health Foundation

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