About Judy

Judy Walters

“My life’s work is to be used by God to help those who are far from Him. I am a greatly blessed, highly favored, imperfect but forgiven, child of God and disciple of Jesus Christ!”

Judy is the Project Manager for Faith Farm Ministries, serves on the ministries’ Academic Board as the Board Secretary and is a member of the Emmaus community. She is a published author, copy writer, editor and public speaker. She is a co-founder of the Boynton Beach Celebrate Recovery Group that currently meets at Faith Farm’s campus every Friday at 7 PM.

As a mother of four with a former real estate career spanning 25 years, she has many stories and life lessons worth sharing. She is a Licensed Minister with compassion and a powerful message of hope for those who struggle with life controlling issues. Audiences receive valuable take-a-ways when Judy shares her story to equip audiences in recovery from issues like addiction, co-dependency, abuse and low self-esteem. She has a genuine love for ALL of God’s people and cherishes diversity. She is an enthusiastic disciple that models agape love.

Her goal is to remove the stereotype and preconceived stigma of addiction and recovery by showing others that recovery from ALL life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups can be fun and fruitful. “People in recovery for any life controlling issues are the strongest, bravest and most transparent people I know, and I admire their courage.”

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